ALQUIRE, INC. is a Cloud Hosting and IT Solutions Provider.
Our mission is to provide a simplified and secure IT experience at a reduced cost for any company. With over 16-years of IT Management Experience, we are well prepared to recommend a solution to fit any sized company.

Corporate Cloud Solutions

Companies at various sizes need the same services, scaled to their needs:     Email, Phones, File Sharing, Business Application Servers, etc.

ALQUIRE can provide all of these things in one bundle that is hosted in the cloud. You no longer have to worry about building a complex IT environment for your basic needs. Additionally, we can manage your private, dedicated Corporate Cloud for you.

Hosted Server Solutions

We have partnerships with Rackspace, CenturyLink, SoftLayer and more. We are able to provide hosting for managed or unmanaged virtual servers, physical servers and co-location facilities.

IT Consulting Solutions

We can bundle our solutions to meet your specific needs, so you never pay for what you don't need.

This unique approach to IT is what brought ALQUIRE to life. We started with a view to helping others with their individual needs. Through those relationships is where we were able to understand the common needs among all companies and individuals. We welcome a discussion regarding any IT topic. If we can help, we will. If we cannot help, we will find someone for you who can.